Awards and Judging

Canadian National Button Convention Awards

Important: Please let Evelyn Davies (name linked to email) know by September 17th what awards you are planning on entering. Reminder, you only have to pay for the trays slips when you hand in the trays.

Use the official NBS Classification Blue Book 2017-2018 Edition to prepare trays for these awards.

The cost per tray slip is $1.00, except for special exhibits which are free. (See below for details. Tray Entry Form.pdf)


  1. Cl. 23-6.1 Austrian tiny 42 buttons one half inch or smaller in diameter. Try for the best representation of the entire class. Bonus points for red tint. Sue Farrah $25-10-5


  1. Cl.2-8 25 Any Size Uniform buttons specialized to Canada. Must include 5 each of military, government agencies, transportation, fire/police, and other. Other may include commercial enterprises, schools, societies, clubs, etc. Bonus points given for buttons with beaver/s and or maple leaf/leaves. In honour of Canada’s 150th. Louise Daigneault $10-7-3


  1. Cl. 1-15.5 (materials assorted) 20 Any Size specialized to studio buttons. Label as to artist if known. Four must be Canadian. Melanie MacDonald $8-7-5 First place will also receive an exclusive studio button by Canadian glass artist, Jenn Muise.


  1. Cl.2-1 6 Any Size Buckles/Clasps with matching/coordinating button/s. Evelyn Davies $ 10-6-4


  1. Cl. 1-0 through 15-5, 25 Any Size. Materials assorted specialized to buttons expressing art deco style. Michèle Jaakson $10-7-3

  2. Cl. 1-0 through 15-5, 25 Any Size. Specialized to buttons with the front red or white or both red and white. Div. II allowed. Sponsored to honour Canada’s flag and 150 years. Micheline Gravel $20-10-5.

  3. Cl. 1-0 through 15-5, 25 any size. Materials assorted specialized to buttons representing art work. Buttons may depict actual art work or depict an identifiable style of art work (e.g. impressionism). Additional points will be awarded for each button depicting Canadian art work/ style of art work. Labeling is recommended. Yessy Byl $15-10-5.

  4. Cl 1-0 Celluloid assorted, 25 Any Size. Diane Close $15-10-5.

  5. Cl. 6-0 Black assorted, 20 Any Size. Labeling and mounting in class order required. In honour of Carolyn Webb. Barb Crowther $25-10-5.

  6. Cl. 8-0, 25 Any Size. Glass mounted in/on metal. Sue Dickout $10-7-3

  7. Cl. 10-0 metals assorted specialized to the four pictorial sections, 25 Any Size. Bonus points for Canadian content. Elizabeth Foy $13-7-5.

  8. Cl.17-0 25 Any Size Animals assorted specialized to wildlife native to Canada. Div. II allowed. No anthropomorphic, cartoon or comic animals. No limit on Realistics. Try to cover all Animal classes. Emphasis is on animals first and materials second. Joanne Irons - ButtonGal on Etsy $10-6-4

  9. Cl. 17-0 animals assorted. 25 Any Size, specialized to animals in a relationship with humans. Human does not necessarily have to be on button as long as relationship is evident, for example, a dog chained to a doghouse. Try for a variety of animals and types of relationships. Labelling human/animal relationship could be helpful to judges. Elizabeth Foy $13-7-5

  10. Cl.17-20 30 medium Div. II allowed. Buttons that represent Canada and each of the 13 provinces and territories (e.g. provincial flower, tree, animal, mineral, or something national like the maple leaf.) They MUST BE LABELLED to indicate what they represent. There must be at least one button for each of the 13 provinces and territories and must include at least 5 representing the Country of Canada. There should be no duplication of subject matter. Gladys Marshall $20-10-5

  11. Cl. 18-3 coins/coin type 25 Any Size Div. II allowed. Sue Cotter $15-10

  12. Cl.18-6 & 18-12 Div. II allowed 25 Any Size specialized to fasteners to keep it together. June Chambers $15-10-5

  13. Cl. 26-3 42 Small Complete Summary (secs. 1 through 25 except 3, 16 & 21). Best assortment with at least 1 and not over 6 classes included from each section. Label and mount in class order. Yessy Byl $15-10-5

DIV. VIII Educational Special Exhibits

  1. Category 1 Buttons with a Canadian theme.

  2. Category 2 Free choice

Rules and guide lines for Special Exhibits

  • Trays must be standard 9” x 12” size
  • Trays slips for Div. VIII Educational must be ordered for each tray entered. There is no charge for these slips.
  • Exhibitors may enter up to three trays total (e. g .only one tray may be entered in the free choice category and up to two trays in Category 1).
  • Each tray must have a minimum of seven buttons. There is no maximum number. Any size is appropriate.
  • Label buttons. You do not have to label by classification rules but rather by button type etc. Please give any information you feel would be educational and you would like the viewer to know about each button. Although labelling is not required, the committee would really appreciate and encourage labelling as this provides an educational component to the exhibits.
  • The exhibitor may ask the committee up to two questions per tray by writing it under the button or at the bottom of the tray if it is a more general question.
  • The special exhibits committee will make positive comments on each tray and answer the exhibitor’s questions.

Details for ordering tray slips:

We would appreciate knowing the number of entries to ensure we have the appropriate number of judges etc. so please EMAIL Evelyn Davies with your intent (One tray or many trays)

Tray slips will be $1.00 each entry. Tray Entry Form.pdf

Payment Options - Send a cheque to Evelyn Davies, payable to the Ottawa Valley Button Club for each tray slip, or you may pay upon arrival when submitting the trays for competition.

Questions - please contact Evelyn Davies 8141 Fallowfield Road. RR#4, Ashton, ON. K0A1B0. (613-253-4181)